Nutrients Journal Features Research Highlighting Success of InQpharm Weight Loss Solutions

Nov 10,2022

Litramine® and Flaxseed mucilage IQP-LU-104 Deliver Positive,
Sustainable Wellness Results

Abertillery, UK (31/10/2022) – InQpharm®, a global leader in the development of self-care solutions, announced today that an in-depth review of scientific research that includes the company’s weight management technologies Litramine® IQP G-002AS and flaxseed mucilage IQP-LU-104 is featured in the most recent edition of the journal Nutrients. The comprehensive scientific investigation by University of Bern researchers further validates the efficacy of InQpharm®’s sustainable weight loss technologies. Industry-leading consumer health companies, including Herbalife Nutrition, Perrigo, Windstar Medical, and Biomed, feature InQpharm®’s innovative wellness solutions. Most recently, Herbalife announced launch of Fat Release by Herbalife®, a new weight management product in partnership with InQpharm®. The Nutrients article includes research on Litramine®, a patented natural fiber complex made from Opuntia ficus-indica and enriched with additional fibers. It has been proven, with a significant research history, to help manage dietary fat intake. Also included is research on Flaxseed mucilage IQP-LU-104, a patented composition of water-soluble dietary fibers proven to help people feel full and reduce calorie absorption. “Inclusion of our company’s scientific research on leading health and wellness solutions in a recently published meta-analysis on weight loss in the Nutrients journal further validates the efficacy of InQpharm®’s technologies in sustainable weight loss,” said Patricia De Costa, Head of R&D, InQpharm®.

“We are proud that InQpharm® continues to provide best-in-class self-care solutions, and that our work with some of the world's leading brands has helped to accelerate the launch of life changing products like these.”

-Patricia De Costa

Developed by InQpharm®, Litramine® is a natural fiber complex shown to reduce body weight in overweight and obese patients. In multiple double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies, it has been proven effective for weight loss and maintenance. Clinical studies on adults 35 and older show taking one gram of Litramine® three times daily for twelve weeks supports weight loss by binding a portion of dietary fat. Results have also shown patients using Litramine® experience three times more weight loss than with dieting and exercise alone with subjects maintaining their body weight for 24 weeks after initial weight loss. In a very recent 52-week study, Litramine® was shown to help subjects lose 6.5 kg on average.

Use of Flaxseed mucilage IQP-LU-104 is also proven to result in three times more weight loss than with dieting and exercise alone in twelve weeks, with a significant weight reduction observed as early as four weeks.

InQpharm® weight management solutions are supported by strong IP and gold standard published clinical trials. Sold in pharmacies, food and drug stores, and by practitioners and direct sales, more than 100M product packs have been shipped to 55 global markets in the past decade.

InQpharm® studies reviewed in the Nutrients journal article include:
• A natural fiber complex reduces body weight in the overweight and obese: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study. (Grube et. al., 2013)
• Flaxseed mucilage (IQP-LU-104) reduces body weight in overweight and moderately obese individuals in a 12-week, three-arm, double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled clinical study. (Bongartz et. al., 2022)

About InQpharm®

InQpharm® creates positive and sustainable impact on healthy living and wellness for with health- activating technology solutions. Over the past two decades, the company’s mix of experts and entrepreneurs have addressed dozens of health issues with solutions in targeted focus areas that allow consumers to take charge of their own health – working with some of the world’s leading consumer health companies.