We are a global leader in the development of self-care solutions.

We are an amazing team of highly experienced experts in the areas of science, product development, operations, quality, regulatory, manufacturing and medical marketing that is led by experienced entrepreneurs.


We have developed state-of-the-art systems & processes that help us deliver exceptional and reproducible results for our customers.


Together with decades of expertise in botanical research, this has allowed us to develop amazing products, technologies and categories that have gone on to dominate their respective markets.

Cumulatively, products developed by InQpharm have achieved sales of in excess of $2.5B in over 50 global markets.


In the over 17 years of our existence, we have been consistently voted the most value-adding and reliable partner by all of our customers, many of them multinational organisations.


 To develop first-in-class or best-in-class technologies and products in root cause areas, such as obesity, allergies, oral health, cardiovascular health, gut health, immune health and sleep that allow consumers to take charge and activate their own health. 


Our proprietary solutions enable marketeers to invigorate their category pipelines or to enter an entirely new category with market winning propositions.