A promising pipeline of new product candidates.

InQpharm’s promising pipeline of new product candidates focuses on areas of high unmet need and we have a number of next generation pharmaceutical innovations that we will bring to market.

Our latest innovations that will be launched this year are for gastro-intestinal health and focus on natural and safe solutions to diarrhoea. These products will be certified and manufactured according to the stringent ISO standards for medical devices.

We are active in other major therapeutic areas for the human and animal health markets. For the human health market this includes the development of new product innovations for weight management, allergy management, upper respiratory tract health and immune health, plus we have other gastro-intestinal products – some relating to irritable bowel disease – to be launched, and developments to products that are currently being sold worldwide.

As a pharmaceutical incubator, InQpharm is committed to innovating effective, safe and natural therapeutic products for a healthier life and we plan to bring products and compounds to market in the future that focus on prevention, so that we can achieve our vision of a healthier life for all.