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InQpharm adds to its diverse group of nature-based technology by acquiring a license from LiveLeaf Inc that will improve the health of production animals and horses. Branded LiveXtract™ in its native US market, this patented technology is one of the world’s most significant recent technologies in that field. LiveXtract™ has a well-documented history in improving the gastrointestinal health of young food-producing animals and improves their growth at an expedient and safe rate.


InQpharm Group licenses technology from LiveLeaf for its Animal Health division

Kuala Lumpur – In a strategic move to strengthen its Animal Health portfolio with further unique natural antimicrobial technologies, InQpharm has acquired a license for one of the world’s most significant recent technologies in that field from LiveLeaf Inc to improve the health of production animals and horses. The license initially extends rights for all of Europe and much of Asia Pacific with InQpharm having an option on other significant territories. Branded LiveXtract™ in its native US market, this patented technology is based on two botanical compounds with a very well documented history of safe use.

One of the main benefits of LiveXtract™ is that it improves the gastrointestinal health of young food-producing animals and improves their growth at an expedient and safe rate. Academic studies and extensive experience from field trials have already demonstrated the highly significant benefit of this technology as a complimentary therapy to or in some applications even as a replacement of antibiotics.

As of today, there have been 28 patents filed for LiveXtract™, with 18 broad patents already granted.

InQpharm’s existing Vetrinol™, Vetrinol™ Plus and Vetrinol™ Neo product lines have already been successfully introduced in Europe for the prevention and treatment of reducing somatic cell count, sub-clinical mastitis and calf diarrhoea and this latest acquisition will give InQpharm critical mass as a leader in the field of bioactive based anti-microbials. The acquisition is fully in line with InQpharm’s vision of growing its natural healthcare solutions for the animal health industry.

“We are excited to add this breakthrough nature-based technology to our already successful and highly diverse group of innovative offerings. This agreement is evidence of our continued commitment to seek out novel solutions to the challenges of sustainable food production,” said Thomas Hafner, founder and CEO of Zaluvida, InQpharm’s parent company. “These products are perfectly aligned with our focus on natural alternatives to antimicrobial overuse for growth promotion,” he added.

Commenting on the deal, Alex Huang, founder and CEO of LiveLeaf said, “We are delighted to have found a powerful commercialization partner with global reach to deploy this important breakthrough. LiveXtract products provide production farmed animals with powerful immune benefits previously only available from a natural field diet. This agreement further validates the potential of our technology to help meet the world’s growing demand for protein without compromises to the future health of humanity.”

About InQpharm Group Sdn Bhd

InQpharm is a global life science company active in human and animal health that develops best in class and first in class healthcare solutions based on its proprietary bioactive based platform technologies. Already a true game changer and market leader in several human health categories, InQpharm delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve the lives of global consumers and animals alike.

Founded in 2005, the company has offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Netherlands and Malaysia. These InQpharm facilities around the globe provide an end-to-end ecosystem of centres of excellence – from molecule and compound discovery to delivering ground breaking products to the end consumer. InQpharm is fully owned by the Singaporean Life Science investment firm Zaluvida Holdings.

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About LiveLeaf

LiveLeaf, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company, harnesses the essentials of living plant immunity to affect the body’s microbiome and immune health. Founded in 2008, the company’s novel phyto-biologic platform enables natural botanical complexes to deliver immediate and consistent immune benefits that could never previously be stabilized for large scale production. In the USA, the company’s LiveXtract ingredients are the actives in dietary supplements for gut health of adults and children. LiveLeaf is developing safer and more effective options against major unmet health challenges involving infection, inflammation and life-threatening diarrhea. The performance and safety of LiveXtracts has been thoroughly validated in laboratory testing, multiple human clinical studies, retail consumer products, and hundreds of thousands of farm animals raised with functional nutrition distributed by Grazix Animal Health, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of LiveLeaf, Inc. Visit and for more information.